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    Protected Areas (PAs)

    Many different protected areas (such as nature reserves) are present in Qinghai Province, administered at several different levels and under different government agencies or departments. An initial list of these protected or scenic areas is provided below.

    [NOTE: This list is not comprehensive, nor is it yet adequately ordered... It is still a work in progress...]

    • Longbao National Nature Reserve
    • Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve
    • Kekexili National Nature Reserve
    • Xunhua Mengda National Nature Reserve
    • Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve 
    • Jainca Kanbula National Geopark
    • Jigzhi Nyainbo Yuze National Geopark
    • Golmud Kunlunshan National Geopark
    • Huzhu Jiading National Geopark
    • Guide National Geopark
    • Golmud Qarhan Salt Lake National Mining Park
    • Kanbula National Forest Park
    • Beishan National Forest Park
    • Datong National Forest Park
    • Qujia National Forest Park
    • Xianmi National Forest Park
    • Maixiu National Forest Park
    • Halihatu National Forest Park
    • Guide Huangheqing National Wetland Park
    • Nanmenxia Shuiku Scenic Area (Huzhu)
    • Changlinggou Scenic Area
    • Huanghe Zoulang Water Park (Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture)
    • Mengda Tianchi Water Park (Xunhua Salar Autonomous County)
    • Heiquan Shuiku Water Park
    • Beishan Water Park (Huzhu)
    • Nyainbo Yuze Water Park
    • Sanchuan Huanghe Water Park (Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County)