Xiao Jinghui, a representative from Keke Xili Eco-adventure Travel Service Company stated that each tour group is allowed to have a maximum of 15 persons and these tourists will have the chance of appreciating the grand and mysterious snow mountains and grassland, learning about the rare wildlife species, experiencing the life of the mountain patrolmen and carrying out various eco-friendly activities during their journey which will usually last for five to six days.

It is understood that tourists must present their health certificate upon registering to join a tour group and they must undergo a physical checkup at Ge'ermu in Qinghai before leaving for the nature reserve. In addition, tourists must follow strict environment rules after they enter Keke Xili.

Nicknamed "Kingdom of Animals", Keke Xili is one of the few regions in the world that has retained its original environment. With its unique resources such as alpine grassland, wilderness marshland, and rare animal and plant species, the region is an invaluable ecological resource.