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Fast track to heaven

Published on: Nov 25 2011 | Last updated: Jan 06 2012

The Beijing-to-Lhasa train journey is the world's highest railway ride and an adventure in itself

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Environmental Protection Association - Update

Published on: Nov 09 2011 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

Snowland Great Rivers Environmental Protection Association has developed a “green network” of individuals and communities across the province, with a common aim of promoting conservation through local initiatives that include (in some communities) the development of ecotourism. The story of the Association's leader, Tashi Dorje, is presented in China Tibet.

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Tracking the snow leopard

Published on: Nov 08 2011 | Last updated: Dec 18 2011

Local herders are central to protecting the snow leopard in the source area of the Yangtze River. J Marc Foggin introduces a series of photos documenting the community conservation project. Slideshow available here.

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Ecological tourism in Qinghai - Commentary

Published on: Jul 31 2011 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

A commentary on the development of ecotourism in Qinghai Province

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Chinese ecotourism still in development

Published on: Jul 19 2011 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

Ecotourism yet to be properly understood in China, not the same as 'mass tourism' to natural areas

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Ecotourism in China?

Published on: Apr 09 2011 | Last updated: Dec 17 2011

China still finding its way regarding the development (and definition) of ecotourism

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From Qinghai Province to Western Canada

Published on: Mar 01 2011 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

Summary of three‐week study tour to Canada, co‐hosted by Parks Canada and Plateau Perspectives Canada, with focus on protected area management, human‐wildlife conflict, environmental awareness and the development of community tourism

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Qinghai Invests Billions On Tourism

Published on: Nov 19 2010 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

Large investment for the promotion and development of tourism in the province

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Learning from Canada's Northern Parks

Published on: Oct 21 2010 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

Study tour from the Tibetan plateau to northern Canada, exchanging lessons and experiences on partnerships with local communities and co-management...

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Building Shangrila

Published on: Oct 13 2010 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

Three provinces sign strategic cooperation agreement to build the 'Shangri-La Ecotourism Region'

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Rebuilding Yushu after the quake

Published on: Apr 26 2010 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

After the devastating earthquake of 14 April 2010, plans are made to rebuild Yushu as ecotourism destination of the plateau...

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Ecotourism conference at Qinghai Normal University

Published on: Nov 06 2009 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

International conference on sustainable development and ecological protection in the Sanjiangyuan region co-hosted by Qinghai Normal University and Plateau Perspectives in November 2009

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Northwest China Tourism

Published on: Oct 26 2009 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

Promoting 'barrier-free' tourism between China's northwestern provinces

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International Ecotourism Forum

Published on: Apr 07 2009 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

International Forum on Ecotourism in Xining, Qinghai, announced

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Kekexili Opens To Tourists

Published on: Feb 25 2009 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

Opening the uninhabited Kekexili region to (limited) tourism each year...

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Geotourism study tour

Published on: May 09 2008 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

Geotourism study tour from Tibetan plateau region to USA undertaken in April 2008

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Green Community Network

Published on: Nov 20 2005 | Last updated: Dec 13 2011

Community Conservation In Qinghai Province

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