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Muqu Snow Leopard Mountains

The herders of Muqu in the Suojia area of Zhiduo County - near the source of the Yangtze River - have been monitoring and protecting the elusive snow leopard in its mountainous habitat for over a decade. The people also established one of the first grassroots organizations in the area, the Upper Yangtze Organization, which for several years with Plateau Perspectives assisted in pioneering and developing the co-management principles now adopted more widely by the Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve.

At the same time, there is increasing human-wildlife conflict in the region, especially with brown bear destroying people's winter homes, and snow leopard and wolves preying on domestic livestock. Ecotourism has been discussed for several years as a possible means to offset some of the increasing economic costs of wildlife conservation, and it now is being shaped into a formal community venture. Live with local families or focus on exploring the rugged mountain landscapes, possibly even assisting the community wardens (wildlife monitors) in their duties. With adventure and ecotourism combined, a visit to Muqu community will provide a most memorable experience!


Setting up snow leopard camera trapsMuqu school children