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Damchu Tsocheton Wetland

Herders in Dangqu village of Zhiduo County are key players in 'community co-management' conservation initiatives undertaken in partnership with the Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve. The extraordinary Tsocheton (Cuochitan) wetland, nearly as large as the more famous Longbao wetland in Yushu County, is the summer breeding ground for many black-necked crane. Numerous other migratory wetland bird species are summer residents, or pass through here on their long-distance spring and autumn travels. A bird watchers paradise, the community protected Tsocheton wetland is home both to local herders and nearly 100 bird species.

The community is participant with the Nature Reserve in monitoring and protecting rare and endangered wildlife in the vast Suojia conservation area of the reserve. Many herders also are in the process of establishing their own community cooperative as well, which will encompass a variety of business activities including ecotourism. The natural beauty of the place makes this a winner!

 young girl and sheepBird survey team