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Cailunduo Mountain Resort

Panorama from Beishan alpine pastureCailunduo Mountain Resort is the first ecolodge to be developed in Qinghai Province. It is well recognized by the Tourism Bureau and supported by local people as well. While privately owned and operated, this local business actively engages with the community and seeks to bring economic benefit to the area. Situated in the heart of the Beishan National Forest Geopark in Huzhu County, only 2 hours north of Xining, the ecolodge offers exceptional accommodation and a restaurant with a sampling of local food products as well as Chinese dishes and some basic western cuisine. The proprietor fully supports the principles of ecotourism and has made good progress toward integrating community concerns into development plans for the ecolodge and future tourism plans.

View from Cailunduo EcolodgeCailunduo Mountain Resort